Disability Rights UK

Amount Funded:

£134,000 over four years (made in 2018)


Injustice - systemic change around injustice and inequality

Working to ensure disabled people have independence and control over their own lives.

Independent Living Helpline

The Independent Living Helpline is an advice line for the public, including advice on accessing funding from social services, managing personal budgets, employing Personal Assistants, and what to do if things go wrong.

It’s services like this (helpline) that make a difference to people’s lives, giving people the knowledge to know how the system should work. I felt my voice was being heard at last; you understood my individual needs, you offer independent, correct advice in a non-judgemental way. Client.


I had no difficulty finding out about the helpline as the contact details were provided in your Disability Rights Handbook which I use all the time. Client.

Members Advice Line

The Members Advice Line answers queries from advice agencies, law centres, disabled people’s organisations and disability charities. The line benefits around 900 advisors annually, offering space to discuss complex cases and to keep up-to-date with changes in legislation.

The feedback I receive from the Advice Line is always cascaded to my colleagues through our internal database and in team meeting. This builds the knowledge of the team and saves us a great deal of time. We also share this information on social media, meaning it informs a much bigger audience. North-West England Region Member.

Constructing appeals and tribunals you need very technical knowledge. Using the DR UK advice line gives me that extra technical direction, saving me hours of time wading through legal information and benefit guidance. South-East England Region Member.







Disability Rights UK

Running the above services enables our advisers to use their knowledge and understanding of the barriers disabled people are facing to update our suite of factsheets.

Our factsheets on Employment and Support Allowance and the Work Capability Assessment each attract over 100,000 downloads per year.






The interaction between our advice lines and policy work is very important. Advisers underpin our core work of gathering credible evidence about disabled people’s experiences. We then take this forward into our campaigning where we have a good track record of engaging decision makers to change unfair practices and policies. Understanding these links and ways of influencing positive social change are key.

Hannah Lim

Grants Manager, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation

At Disability Rights UK, the majority of volunteers, staff, and trustees have lived experience of disability. Alongside input from members, this ensures work is led by the voices of disabled people, and enables the organisation to provide a national, pan-impairment perspective. At a time of significant change, in particular to the welfare system, the ability to reflect the practical impact of these changes to those implementing them is even more vital. Flexible core support was therefore provided for DRUK to put its vast skills and experience to best use.