What to expect from Esmée

We are generally hands-off because we trust you
  • Once we decide to fund an organisation we trust them and let them focus on getting the work done.
  • We want to hear from you and about your progress at least once a year (via your progress report and on the ‘phone at the end of your grant), but generally you don’t need to keep us updated.
  • We have a good overview on the issues we support, you are the experts in what you do. This means that we are not the best placed to provide advice on how to run your organisation. This includes advice on your governance structure, your strategic or business plan or fundraising: this is your Trustees’ role.
  • You have the flexibility and freedom to plan and manage your work as you see fit but there are some instances where you should always contact us. These are outlined in the grant offer letter and its terms and conditions.

But we are open and we can support you
  • If there is something you think we can help you with to make your grant more effective, get in touch.
  • We provide Grants Plus to enable the work we’ve funded to have a greater impact. See our Grant Plus page.
  • If you need to change the outcomes of your grant, do get in touch with your grant manager.
  • We fund a lot of organisations: if there is another grantee you’d like to be put in touch with, let us know and we’ll try to make an introduction. Our current grants are published on our website here
  • Should a difficult situation arise in your organisation, we can offer crisis communications support.
  • We can use twitter to spread your word if you ask us.

… and do let us know if you wish to celebrate a big success, need to share a problem or if things are not going well. We are an open funder and we want to be able to promote our successes and support you in difficult times.

Within our capacity
  • Our London-based team of 10 grants managers makes over 300 grants a year. Our active portfolio contains over 900 grants at any one time.
  • We’d like to visit or meet everyone we fund but unfortunately, this isn’t possible.
  • We are invited to lots of events but we can’t go to everything. It’s not because we are not interested, it’s because we don’t have the capacity.