Insights from our funding


In 2015, as part of a five-year strategy, we set out to focus as much on learning from our funding as we do on allocating it.

This approach is not about measuring the impact of our funding, but using evidence to learn from our own successes and failures, and to use that learning to make changes.

We have built an approach to learning that is practical, proportionate, and - above all - useful.

Impact report 2 tile
Impact report 2 tile

Read our Environment and Food Insight Report

In this Insight Report, we are digging deeper and looking into specific sectors: Environment and Food. It is based on data from a total of 69 grants to food (29 grants) and environment organisations (42 grants).

In 2016-2017, we gave £5.7m in environment grants and £3.5m in food. We also made £4.5m worth of social investments in environment and food.

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